5 Basic Bathtub Styles You Can Choose From For Your Bathroom

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For many people, the idea of sitting in a bathtub filled with warm water and reading a great book is something that they dream of. Especially in winters, a bathtub in the bathroom makes your life much more luxurious and comfortable. Even if you have a shower in your bathroom, the most relaxing way of taking a long bath with good music on can only be done if you have a bathtub. It actually is pretty soothing and meditative, and so, is a must-have in a bathroom.

Even though bathtubs may be a tad bit expensive, having one at your place is totally worth it. Thus, we have brought to you certain types of bathtubs which are different in shapes, variety, and sizes so that you have a better idea about them.

1. Freestanding Tub

freestanding bathtub

This one is self-explanatory. These can be put up anywhere in the bathroom. That’s the beauty of these freestanding tubs. The freestanding bathtubs provide a very luxurious feel to the bathroom. If you have a huge bathroom, a freestanding bathtub would just be perfect for you as they demand some extra space as compared to other types of bathtubs.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this kind of bathtub. First of all, they are a bit more expensive as compared to other bathtubs. Also, a lot of freestanding tubs are usually very heavy. This means one might have to invest in the reinforced floor in order to install a freestanding bathtub in their bathroom.

2. Alcove Bathtub

alcove bathtub

This is one of the most common types of bathtubs found in most of the households. An alcove bathtub has a three-sided enclosure and is fitted at one corner of the bathroom. In case the walls are tiled, you can also add the shower panel to it, and it would serve as a multipurpose area.

This one is used in case you have a small household, and cannot afford to spend a lot of space on bathtubs. The length of this kind of tub is about 60 inches and it’s not that expensive too. You can easily get the tub made according to the space in your bathroom.

3. Drop-In Bathtub

drop in bathtub

Image Courtesy: Vintage Tub

A drop-in bathtub is more or less like a freestanding alcove bathtub. This kind of bathtub is “dropped in” a frame that usually matches the bathroom tiles or other interiors. These frames are usually made of wood, tiles or other materials. The outer of the drop-in tub is completely covered with the frame and only the rim is visible.

The drop-in bathtubs are better in terms of space efficiency as compared to the freestanding tubs. At the same time, they are more flexible than the alcove tubs. Some of the drawbacks of a drop-in bathtub include the extra cost and effort required in building the exterior tub (frame) and lesser visual appeal as compared to the freestanding tubs.

4. Corner Bathtub

corner bathtub

Image Courtesy: Aquatica Bath USA

The corner bathtub looks really pretty and luxurious. If you want some amazing spa therapy with warm water gushing around, then this is ideal for you. What’s more? If you are a couple living in together, then you need to get this one at your place as it would keep your love life all spiced up!

It takes a while for this tub to fill up, and it is way more expensive than the other tubs. It is usually triangular in shape and has ample space in it. Moreover, it is available in a lot of beautiful designs and styles.

5. Walk-In Bathtub

walk in bathtub

Image Courtesy: Bath Planet

If you are one of the lazy types, then this one is perfect for you. It is easily accessible and it also has an inbuilt chair attached to it. It also has a wide door for easy access. For those bathers who are unable to sit down, this would be very comfortable for you. You would not even have to sit down, but you still get the feel of a bathtub. It can be easily customized too as per the requirements of the person using it.

So, this was our compilation of some basic types of bathtubs. You can now select the one which goes with your bathroom well. Happy bathing!

Cover Image Courtesy: Aquatica USA

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