5 Most Common Kitchen Layout Mistakes To Avoid

A kitchen is the best part of a house where many important activities take place. From cooking, eating and drinking to cleaning, you do a lot of things in your kitchen. That’s why it is required to be fabulous and designed in a proper way. In this article, we will outline common kitchen layout mistakes that you should avoid for having a beautiful and attractive space.

So, look at these mistakes and avoid them for making an elegant kitchen for your home:

1. Not planning adequate counter space

Counter space is an important part of the kitchen where you prepare your meals. Always design this space by considering all the things that you normally keep on counters. So keep in mind everything including toaster, cutlery set, fruit bowl, etc., along with other design elements.

Kitchen Layout Mistakes

The counters will lack cleanliness and neatness if there will not be enough space.

2. Not having proper lighting

One of the most common kitchen layout mistakes made by the people is not taking lighting seriously. Little do they realize that this can be harmful in the long run. Adequate lighting is not only necessary for the design of a kitchen, but also for the safety of people who work in it. The dangerous objects like a knife or chopping machine can be easily handled if there is a proper lighting in the kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Tips

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So, it is recommended to install pendant lights over the kitchen island and underneath cabinets to ensure there’s enough light to see everything. Don’t forget to add some mini-pendants over the breakfast bars and kitchen sinks.

 3. Obstructing the kitchen triangle


Wondering what exactly is a kitchen triangle? Well, it is the triangle formed by the imaginary lines joining the sink, stove, and fridge. This triangle is the greatest activity area of the kitchen. This area should be planned accurately and have unobstructed access. You should have easy access to all the three things and other countertop workstations. Hence, one of the components of the work triangle should be in the middle of the kitchen. At the same time, the other two should be on any side for having proper accessibility.

Kitchen Triangle

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No matter what your kitchen size or shape is, avoid the kitchen layout mistake of not placing these three things too close to each other. This will ensure smooth movement in this area.

 4. Not having enough electrical points

Kitchen Layout Mistakes

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It is very important to have more than two electrical outlets in your kitchen as you would have to use various appliances. You should install electrical sockets below the upper cabin, near the entrance door or a place of your choice as per your comfort and convenience.

5. Not having proper ventilation

It can be pretty inconvenient to stay in the kitchen while making meals if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. You can think about installing a hood or an exhaust fan for smooth circulation of air.

Kitchen Design Tips

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A hood will not only work well to vent heat, smell and smoke outside but will also look beautiful in the kitchen. However, if your budget doesn’t allow for a hood, then an exhaust fan can also do the work for you.

So, here are the most common kitchen layout mistakes generally made by the homeowners. You should be sure to avoid them for creating an efficient and attractive kitchen. 

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