Herbal Strategi Launches Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings Cleaner

Bathroom and Kitchen Fittings Cleaner Cover

With the launch of Bathroom and Kitchen fittings cleaner, Herbal Strategi added a new product to their wide range of products. Herbal Strategi encourages healthy living practices by providing innovative herbal care products that best suit the growing need of people in keeping their environment safe and eco-friendly.

The Bathroom and Kitchen fittings cleaner cleans bathroom and kitchen fittings from Limescale, Soap Scum and Hard Water stains in an Eco-friendly way. This Earth friendly formulae helps to work against Calcification, Hard water stains, Soap scum and limescale on all fittings such as taps, faucets and showers in the bathroom and on kitchen fixtures. It brings back immediately the lustrous shine back to all your bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Herbal Strategi’s Bathroom and Kitchen fittings cleaner is biodegradable and made from coconut-based surfactants, aromatic oil extracts and soap nut oils and is ACID FREE.

Unique Features:

  • Eco friendly way to clean your bathroom and Kitchen fittings from Limescale, Soap Sum and Hard Water Stains
  • Biodegradable
  • Made from Coconut based Surfactant’s, Aromatic oil extracts and Soap Nut Oils and Acid Free
  • Fight stains and odor’s keeps free from germs / Insects
  • Sparkling Shine No Residue
  • It is 100% herbal and has a unique blend of plant extracts and aromatic oils. It is also non toxic, safe and has no side effects.

Availability – Available at Herbal Strategi Website (www.herbalstrategi.com) and leading Ecommerce platforms.

Price – Rs 200 for 500ml

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