L-Shaped Kitchen: Pros And Cons Of This Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most efficient layouts that can be found in the modern homes nowadays. This type of design allows an easier access to the appliances that should be installed along the right-angled walls. It creates an open area in the center of the kitchen.

In this blog, we will tell you about both pros and cons of the L-shaped kitchen in detail. Read on further to figure out whether it will suit your home or not.

Pros of an L-shaped kitchen

First, we will look at some pros of an L-shaped kitchen. So, read on:

1. Perfect for open floor designs

L-Shaped Kitchen

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If your home has an open floor design, then the L-shaped layout will suit you the most. It will create adequate space for setting up the gadgets, appliances and other important things due to two adjacent walls. In addition, it will offer flexibility in fixing the boundaries with the kitchen islands. 

2. Multiple Entrances

L-Shaped Kitchen

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We all know, the L-shaped kitchens are set up in the corners and have two open sides that allow different entries or exits. This way, the traffic can roam freely around the space. Another amazing benefit of a free flowing kitchen is more space and a lesser amount of stress while making food.

3. Great Working Triangle

L-Shaped Kitchen

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The efficient kitchens are designed while considering the working triangle because it improves flexibility to move between refrigerators, sink, and cooktop. In L-shaped kitchens, the working spaces around two different walls are promoted by the working triangle.

4. Effective for smaller kitchens

l-shaped kitchen

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Generally, the smaller kitchens are narrow and have less space because it has two counters on the opposite sides. If you are one of those people who is dealing with such a problem, then it is a perfect idea to convert your kitchen into an L-shaped one. It will make your kitchen more spacious and improve the movements around the space.

Cons of an L-shaped kitchen

Now, we will talk about some cons of the L-shaped kitchens mentioned below:

1. Add further expenses

l-shaped kitchen

You have to buy an island for ensuring adequate space in the L-shaped kitchen. It may result in increasing the budget that may not suit some people. Moreover, the island also creates problems for many individuals and don’t suit their cooking style.

2. Creates problems for multiple cooks

L-shaped kitchen

Due to restricted space, the kitchen having smaller perpendicular space doesn’t work ideally for multiple cooks. It becomes difficult for them to navigate because there are too many people working in a shorter area.

3. Not ideal for larger kitchens

l-shaped kitchen

Having an L-shaped design in a bigger kitchen are not recommended by the experts. This type of layout is designed for the spaces that are connected to another area, such as family or living room. You should keep this thing in mind while using L-shaped design in your kitchen.

We hope that our readers understand the pros and cons of an L-shaped kitchen and they can now make a decision. Don’t forget to tell us about whether or not the L-shaped kitchen design worked for your home or not in the comment box!

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