5 Simple Tips To Maintain Your Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens have completely changed the concept of the cooking space of modern homes. They give an uber-chic look to your kitchen, and provide you with an absolutely wonderful experience while cooking or doing other related tasks. On top of all this, they are easy to install as well. But at the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that the modular kitchens are a little more expensive as compared to the regular ones. Hence, once installed, it becomes quite important to maintain a modular kitchen very well so that it lasts a lifetime. And to help you out with that, here are some wonderful tips for you to maintain your modular kitchen.

1. Clean it up on a regular basis

modular kitchen

Make it a point to clean up your kitchen on a regular basis. Use a mild cleanser and a soft cloth to clean all drawers, racks and cabinets of your modular kitchen. Cleaning them regularly will prevent the deposition of dust or dirt. Also, remember not to use harsh detergents to clean it as they can make the surface rough.

Additional Tip: If you do not want to use any kind of chemical-based cleanser, then worry not! You can use the products from your kitchen itself to clean it up. Simply mix half a cup of vinegar or baking soda in two gallon water and scrub your modular kitchen’s cabinets using this mix and a piece of soft cloth.

2. Keep the cabinets closed

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In order to prevent oil spill while cooking, close the shutters, racks, drawers and cabinets of your modular kitchen. This will even prevent the steam produced during cooking to cause stickiness on the surface. And, if something falls on the cabinets, clean it immediately to prevent permanent stains or marks.

3. Check the hinges

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If the cabinets and drawers of a modular kitchen are opened and closed quite frequently, they stand the risk of getting unhinged. Or, when there is excess weight on put on them, the fittings of your modular kitchen may come out. Hence, as a first measure, make sure that you get high quality hinges installed in all the cabinets of your modular kitchen. Once installed, keep checking for any kind of noise made by the hinges. And, in case you notice any problem, do talk to the dealer from where you got them to get them repaired.

4. Use only a soft cloth

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Never scrub the surfaces of your modular kitchen with a piece of rough cloth or a sharp object as it may hamper its fine finish. Instead, use only a piece of soft cloth for wiping and cleaning all the parts of your modular kitchen.

5. Wall and tile care

modular kitchen

To have a sparkling modular kitchen, it is important not only to keep its racks and cabinets of clean, but also its other areas. Hence, make sure that you clean up the walls and tiles on a weekly basis to avoid permanent staining on them. Use a mild detergent as well as a disinfectant spray to keep them clean and hygienic.  Also, avoid bleach and ammonia-based products as they may cause damage to the tiles.

True, installing a modular kitchen give a trendy look to your home. But, you need to maintain it so as to keep the trendy look intact. So, keep these super-easy yet effective tips in mind and be assured of a well-maintained modular kitchen for a long period of time!

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