6 Types Of Modular Kitchen Layouts You Must Know About

Gone are the days when a kitchen was all about a cooking gas, a sink and a few shelves loaded with kitchenware and other cooking related items. The kitchens today are much more than all this, especially after the advent of modular kitchens. Even modular kitchens come in a lot of varieties today, so as to ensure the optimum utilisation of the space that one has. And if you too are planning to invest in one, don’t forget to look at the most popular types of modular kitchen layouts, so that you can find out the one that suits your space the best.

1. One-Way Gallery or Straight Modular Kitchen

Straight Layout Modular Kitchen

One of the most economical types, a straight layout modular kitchen is the perfect option for those who have budget as well as space constraint. The kitchen is built along one wall with stove, sink and all other appliances being in the same line. As told already, this is the best option for those with lesser space. Apart from that, it is also good for the ones planning to have an open kitchen as it provides the complete kitchen solution by taking up minimum space possible. One of the best parts about this layout is that it is as efficient as its costlier counterparts.

2. L-shaped Modular Kitchen

L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

The L-shaped modular kitchen is the most popular type, especially for the households that have space constraint. As the name suggests, it consists of two countertops on adjacent walls the together make an “L” shape. This layout makes best use of the space available with you hence giving you more floor area. This way, you can even include a small dining table in you r kitchen.

3. Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel Modular Kitchen

A galley style or parallel kitchen is the one with work space on two opposite walls and a free way in between the two. This kind of layout is apt for the long and sleek spaces. The galley style modular kitchen allows you to segregate your dry and wet work spaces. To make this kitchen look airy and more spacious, opt for light colours.

4. U-shaped or C-shaped Modular Kitchen

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

A U- or C-shaped modular kitchen has workspace on three adjacent walls and one free end. This layout makes the maximum use of a kitchen’s walls and is best suited for large spaces. While a U-shaped modular kitchen ensures the optimum utilisation of walls’ space, it reduces the floor area in case the kitchen is small. On the other hand, if the kitchen area is large, this kitchen layout increases the space between the work stations, hence lowering the efficiency of the one working in it. However, this layout is best for big families where more than one person is involved in cooking at one time.

5. Island Layout Modular Kitchen Layout Modular Kitchen

Island Layout Modular Kitchen

This is the new-age kitchen design which is gaining popularity in contemporary homes. In this type of kitchen layout, there is one separate work space in addition to the regular straight-line or L-shaped work area. This independent space can have cooking stove, a sink or it can just be used for the storage purpose. According to the experts, the island type modular kitchen works best when teamed up with L-shaped kitchen.

6. G-shaped or Peninsula

G-Shaped Modular Kitchen

As the name is self-explanatory, a G-shaped or peninsula layout modular kitchen is in the form of the letter “G”. It is almost like an island-style kitchen where there is an extra workspace apart from the main workstation. The only difference in this one is that the extra space is connected to the main workspace.

Hope this solved your queries related to modular kitchen layouts! Now analyze your space and get the best one for your home!

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