Top 5 Small Bathroom Design Tips To Make It Look Stylish

Do you have a small bathroom and looking to fit all the things in such a way that it looks fashionable and stylish? Well, then you are at the right place. We understand the challenges that come in front of the people who have a small bathroom.

So, here we have for you 5 perfect small bathroom design tips for making it picture-perfect:

1. Skip the shower door, use a shower curtain

Small Bathroom Design Tips

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Installing a shower door in a small bathroom will make it look congested and untidy. It is advisable to skip the glass shower doors in this type of tight conditions. Instead, it is a great idea to use a shower curtain that can move back and forth for saving lots of space. What’s more? Your bathroom will look cleaner as well as stylish when the guests arrive in your house. Don’t forget to use the curtain of your favorite design.

2. Install a sink in the corner

Corner Sink Bathroom

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A corner sink is a compact option for smaller bathrooms as it will tuck out of the way in the corner. One of the biggest advantages to have a corner sink is that it saves lots of space and helps a bathroom look better. This type of sink will also not disturb the traffic lane in your small bathroom hence providing you more space to walk in.

3. Extend the counter over the toilet

Small Bathroom Design Tips

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Popular as the banjo-style, this type of arrangement can be completed with a wood or a stone slab. It will create enough space for keeping a few necessary things. Additionally, the placement of toilet will not be disturbed and it will look neat.

4. Mount the towel bar on a door

Small Bathroom Design Tips

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Creating a permanent space for the towel is one of the most common problems that the people having small bathrooms face. In order to get rid of it, you can mount a towel bar on the shower door for keeping the towels handy and tidy. It is one of the best small bathroom design tips when space is at a minimum.

5. Install mirrors

Small Bathroom Design Tips

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Hanging up the mirrors on the wall is one of the most useful small bathroom design tips. The reflection of your bathroom in the mirror will create an optical illusion of a larger space, hence making you not feel claustrophobic. Besides, it will also add a stylish look to your bathroom.

We strongly believe that our tips will help you in some manner. Apart from following these tips, it is also recommended to consult a professional for designing a small bathroom in a stylish and correct way, so that you don’t any kind of problem in the future.

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