15 Modern Table Lamp Designs For A Stylish Home

Give your old table a new touch or bring your dull coffee table to life with the help of a special table lamp. A stylish lamp can instantly up the fab quotient of the entire decor and the ones that we have found will let you know why we want you to buy one ASAP. Along with brightening up the dark spaces, the pleasing light of a table lamp makes the ambience warm and cosy. The table lamps that we have found for you are beyond mainstream. These are quirky, modern and will blow your mind! So brace yourselves for their awesomeness:

1. When nature is depicted through geometrical shapes, it gives you the best results

2. Who says that the Moon cannot belong to a person?

Table lamp design
Image Credit: Mahogany Street

3. This classic lamp with ceramic artichoke representation is the most sophisticated thing that you can own

Table lamp design
Image Credit: Eclipse Lighting

4. Keeping it simple and stylish with this black and white table lamp

Table lamp design
Image Credit: Curator’s Cart

5. How cool are these vibrant Turkish lamps for the contemporary touch!

Image Credit: Faylez Lamp

6. Gift the racer in you this bike chain ring table lamp

Table Lamp Designs
Image Credit: Lathe Worker’s Sons

7. These simple Edison bulb lamps will make the greatest impact. Don’t you agree?

Table lamp design
Image Credit: Valentina Rena


Table lamp design
Image Credit: DeGlass

Table lamp design

8. The bulb and the telephone; two greatest inventions celebrated with one lamp

table lamp design
Image Credit: Wills Steward

9. This lamp is a piece of art and deserves a special place in your home

table lamp design
Image Credit: Oshan Kesa Light

10. This lamp will remind you of s’mores and campfire

table lamp design
Image Credit: Welcome Home

11. A lamp that will touch your spirituality

table lamp design
Image Credit: Pako Vision

12. With this crystal ball lamp, your fortune will always favour you

table lamp design
Image Courtesy: Lightsy

13. A multi-purpose lamp that you would love to carry with you

table lamp design
Image Credit: Chisai Kitchen

That tinkling sensation that you are feeling right now is telling you to get one of these lamps for your house! These table lamps will beautifully bind the entire atmosphere of your room together. So wait not more, get rid of those boring lamps and make way for these new ones.

Cover Image Credit: Encompass Shop

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