10 Fun Ways To Add Colours To A White Living Room

Undoubtedly, white walls make a space look cool and classy. However, sometimes an “all white” room gets a bit boring, especially if it is your living room. After all, you wouldn’t want your guests to get an impression that you’ve got no style of your own, right? So, if you too feel that your living room is simply too white for you, here we bring to you 10 fun ways to add a pop of colour in it without painting it:

1. Put a colourful rug beneath the centre table.

Colourful Rug Living Room

Image Courtesy: Rugs Centre

Not only will it add colour to your living room, but will also give it a really classy appearance!

2. Bring the nature inside by incorporating some indoor plants in your living room.

Indoor Plant

Especially if you are a fan of green! In addition, healthy indoor plants like basil, peace lily, aloe vera, etc., make the air inside your house fresher and healthier, and also make your living room appear bigger than its actual size.

3. If not real plants, then bright artificial flowers too make a good option to add colour to a bland space.

Indoor Plants Tulips

What’s more? They are easier to maintain as compared to the real plants.

4. If art inpsires you, then a beautiful artwork certainly awaits the wall of your living room!

Artwork Living Room

While our pick is one big artwork on just one wall of the living room, you can certainly add more if you wish to!

5. How about letting one of the walls of your living room showcase the history of your family through photographs?

Photo Frame Walls

Image Courtesy: Michaels Blog

And, the beauty of those photographs will certainly be enhanced when they’d be enclosed in enticing photo frames! Don’t you agree?

6. If you’ve got windows in your living room, then all you need is a set of bright curtains to make it look all the more exciting.

Colourful Curtain

Image Courtesy: Ali Express

Go for pretty prints to add some more drama to your otherwise plain space.

7. Bring in bright sofas…

Sofa Cover

Image Courtesy: Ali Express

Now that your living room has white walls, it deserves some colour therapy by having a set of chic sofas.

8. Or some pieces of funky furniture!

Bean Bags In Living Room

Image Courtesy: Interior Patio

Well, if clichéd sofas are not your thing, then fret not! You can bring in ottomans, pouffes, bean bags, etc., to exhibit your great taste.

9. Cushions to your rescue!

Sofa Cushions Design

In case you fell for furniture which is solid coloured, then you’ve got some exciting cushions to get everything in place.

10. Accessorize it up!

Living Room Decor

You can never imagine the impact that accessories can have on your plain living room until you add them to it. Vases, bird cage, figurines, tea light holders, tissue box and what not! There is a plethora of options you can choose from to add a dash of colour to your white living room! Try any of them or all, and you’d definitely not be disappointed!

So, all set to make your white living room full of fun and colours? Don’t forget to share the pictures of your space after its makeover is done!

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