7 Things People With Clean Homes Do Daily

The most common type of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which prevails among people is that of cleanliness. Keeping their surroundings clean at any given time is something that they love doing and they make sure it’s done. If you’ve seen Friends, then we are sure that you would be familiar with Monica’s behaviour.

For those people who are the complete opposite of them, imagine how much more sorted your life would be if you could also inculcate such behaviour. It’s difficult to start off and so we have brought you the most important seven things that people with clean homes do daily and if you start doing even half of them, it would make a huge difference to your life.

1. Make their bed

Bed, Bedroom

It’s the simplest task and it definitely sets the base for a clean home. Even you would love to come home to a clean bed than to a messy one every day.

2. Their dishes are never piled up

Kitchen, Clean Dishes

The next step to a cleaner living is that you never pile up your dishes and think of washing them later. Leaving dishes strengthens your procrastination behaviour as well as leaves a bad odour around the house. So it is great if the dishes are cleaned up daily.

3. Wash their dirty laundry quite frequently


They keep their dirty clothes separately daily and we recommend that even you should wash them at least thrice a week and not just on the weekend.

4. Everything has a place

Living Room

For them, the flowers are in the vase, the books are on the shelf, socks neatly kept in the drawer beside the table and the bottles filled and neatly stacked up in the fridge. Sounds like a difficult task but it’s so much easier to find where each and every item is kept.

5. They hang their clothes neatly


Even though one would love to throw their clothes on the floor after coming home, they neatly fold them and keep them in the cupboard so that there would be no hassle in locating them when they feel like wearing them next.

6. Remove their shoes while entering

Fridge, Refrigerator

This is one thing that everyone should blindly follow since it helps in keeping the house clean. Unwanted dirt stuck on your shoes is left outside and you might think bringing them in doesn’t matter much, but it causes a whole lot more dirt which you only would have to clean up tomorrow.

7. Clean out the fridge


Cleaning out the fridge once a week should be made a habit because there could be some of the things which might have gone bad, and you’ll end up eating them and getting a bad stomach.

These are some of the things that people with clean homes follow gladly, and no wonder they lead a much simpler and clutter-free life. So we suggest you plan ahead for the week, and keep a check list so that it is so much easier for you to keep track of them.

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