10 Most Common Home Decor Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

It is hard to find someone who does not like to have a beautifully decorated home. After all, a stylish home reflects one’s personality as well as taste. However, while decorating or redecorating a home, one needs to be careful about a lot of things that might end up in an unexpected and unwanted result. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about the common home decor mistakes that a lot of people commit while designing their house.

So, if you are planning to change the look of your home, make sure you look out for these common home decor mistakes while doing so:

1. Bad lighting

home decor mistakes

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of each part or room of your home. There might be times when you would want the lights in a particular room to be brighter than usual. And sometimes, you would want them to be dim so as to give you a relaxed environment. However, a lot of people end up committing the mistake of having just one bulb in a room. Well, you need to make sure that you do not simply rely on just one light source for any part of your home. Instead, have a mix of different types of lights, such as table lamps, floor lamps, overhead lights, etc. Also, do not forget to keep in mind the provision of natural light in each room of your house, as it makes your house look brighter, livelier and more spacious.

2. Painting rooms without actually testing the colours

home decor mistakes

Yet another common home decor mistake that a lot of people make is to paint their walls without testing them. Yes, selecting a paint colour for your home simply because you liked it when you saw it is not at all a good idea! Depending upon the lighting of each and every room of your house, the appearance of a particular colour can vary. So, make it a point to test the colour by painting a small patch of all your walls and see how it looks at different times of the day. While this process may take some of your time and can delay your plan to paint your home a bit, it will surely save you a lot of money by giving you exactly what your walls need!

3. Wrongly-placed furniture

home decor mistakes

Do not place your furniture at the corners or against your walls. This way, you end up creating a lot of open blatant space, which discourages a sense of intimacy amongst people. So, arrange your furniture in a reasonable flow that enhances the feeling of closeness among the people who are using it. Also, before going furniture shopping, just keep in mind to measure your room so that you can get furniture pieces that are proportionate to the size of your room.

4. Overcrowding rooms with décor items

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This is yet another common home decor mistake that a lot of people make while changing the look of their home, i.e., overstuffing their space with beautiful décor pieces. Well, you might like a particular piece at the store, but it may not go well along with the other ones that you already have at the shelf in your home. So, do not get overwhelmed by your collection of frames and figurines. Arrange a few good pieces on a shelf by grouping your collection together. This way, you can avoid giving the impression of a cluttered decor.

5. Hanging the frames either too high or too low

decor mistakes

Beautiful artworks mounted in elegant frames certainly enhance the appearance of a room manifold. But paying no attention to their placement on the wall is a big home decor mistake. You need to ensure that you do not hang the artworks too high or too low. Hanging them high would make people crane their necks to have a look at them. On the other hand, disadvantage of hanging them low is that they end up looking more a part of the décor pieces that you have on your shelves or tables than that of your wall. The best way is to hang the frames to at the eye-level.

6. Having multiple focal points in one room

decor mistakes

There is one thing in each room that draws most of the attention, and hence, it becomes the focal point of that particular space. For example, the focal point of a living room is usually the television or a striking artwork. But, if you incorporate too many such elements that divide the attention of the onlookers, you end up making your space look cluttered. So, while deciding the placement of each and every element in a room, just keep in mind to avoid having too many focal points there.

7. Overdoing everything

decor mistakes

This is probably one of the most common home decor mistakes of all. Be it terms of experimenting with the colours, new designs, decor items or anything else, many people believe that the more experimental they get, the better it gets. But, here is an eye-opener! Overdoing the decor of your home actually results in ruining its entire look. So, go by the mantra, “less is more”, and keep it as simple as possible. Pay attention to proportions while getting accessories. Do not get too creative just for the sake of it. If something is not working, just change it. In the end, simply trust your guts and keep everything tastefully subtle.

8. Exactly copying the designer space shown in a catalogue

decor mistakes

Well, there is nothing wrong in taking an inspiration from the designer homes as depicted in various catalogues or magazines. But, you should not blindly copy each and every element of the room as featured in a magazine. Your room might not have enough space to fit in all those things in exactly same manner. And, that can make your room look messy and untidy. So, simply pick up a few big pieces shown in it, and complement them using accessories from a different collection altogether.

9. Ignoring the windows

decor mistakes

A lot of people avoid hanging any curtains on their windows thinking that they will block the natural light from entering their room. But, they do not realise that this way they simply end up making their room’s décor incomplete. So, if light is your concern, hang light-hued curtains in some soft clothes like cotton or muslin, but do not leave your window bare at any cost.

10. Not taking help from a professionals


Do not shy away from getting a professional help even if you have a small budget. Just explain them about your requirements as well as your budget so that they can come up with something that works the best for you. And once you hire a good one after a thorough research, you will surely not be disappointed by the results.

Make sure you do not make these decor mistakes while redesigning you house. Happy Decorating!

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