5 Common Curtain Hanging Mistakes You Should Avoid


You must be wondering that what could possibly be the correct or the wrong way to hang a curtain. Nobody even thinks twice before they do so but it turns out that most of the people have been hanging curtains the wrong way throughout their lives. If you are the one who tries and hangs their curtains themselves, then stop right away and take a look at these curtain crimes which need to be avoided at the earliest.

1. If you have pets, avoid long drapes


If you are one of those who adore their four-legged ones, then we recommend that the curtains should not reach the floor. Pets love gnawing away at any fabric that they find and if they see lumps of curtains within their reach, they are sure to tear them off. So either hang your curtains up high or make sure that the drapes don’t come all the way down to the floor.

2. Keeping the curtain rod as long as the window’s width


Your curtain rod should not be of the exact length of your window’s width. People don’t notice this, but the entire look of the window gets ruined in this case. Not only does it conceal the finials on the rod, but also covers up the window itself and block all the sunlight which should come streaming in your room. So the length of the rod should be kept up to 6 inches longer on both sides of the frame.

3. Get rid of those wrinkles


As soon as the curtains are delivered to you, you’re in so much hurry to put them up that you forget to get rid of those wrinkles on them. Thus, you need to iron it up or steam it so that when you put it up, it at least looks brand new and gives your room the actual look and feel that it should.

4. Picking the colours first


What happens is that people pick out the colour for their room first and then try to match the curtains with that, but since the shades are limitless, matching the curtains to them can become a tedious task. So, we would recommend you to go purchase a good pair of curtains first and accordingly match the wall colour to it so that the overall impact comes out to be the best.

5. Getting the right hardware


Everyone thinks that since nobody notices the rod, thus we don’t need to spend money on that, but actually what happens is that the rod starts to bend from the middle from the weight of the curtains. Thus, close attention needs to be paid to the weight of the fabric and if the rod can handle it.

So, these are the top 5 curtain hanging mistakes that one needs to keep in mind before they actually hang it in their room. You need to watch out for them or else it’ll just be your precious money going down the drain.

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