5 Fun Ways To Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali This Year

One of the biggest festivals of Hindus, i.e., Diwali is here again. Be it cleaning and decorating the house, exchanging gift and sweets, attending and hosting parties, or anything else, everything related to this festival of lights simply gets everyone excited and exuberant. While on one hand this festival brings joy in everyone’s life, it also brings noise and air pollution at the same time. Not only it destroys our environment, but also kills the festive spirit in true sense. And if you don’t want to be one of those harming the environment, here are some fun ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

1. Hang organic diyas instead of electric bulbs

hanging-diyas diwali

Image Courtesy: Decoinch

Agreed, the colourful lights look very attractive when you decorate your house with them. However, they end up consuming a lot of electricity as you keep your house lighted with them for entire night, and that too for at least two to three days. So as an alternate, you can opt for the exquisite hanging diyas that are organic in nature. These unique diyas are sure to impress every guest visiting your house this Diwali, don’t you agree?

2. Forget candles this Diwali, go for biodegradable diyas


Image Courtesy: Decoinch

Not just electric lights, even the candles that you use every Diwali to light up your house are petroleum-based, which produce toxins when burnt. Hence, switch to organic diyas this Diwali for an environment friendly celebration. They add a traditional touch to your home décor in the festive season and are bio-degradable too.

3. Opt for eco-friendly crackers

eco friendly crackers

Image Courtesy: Couponraja

We know it’s difficult to convince the kids in the house to not burst the crackers on Diwali. But it’s not so difficult to make them go for the eco-friendly crackers. The eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled paper and the even the noise that they make is well within the decibel limit as set by the Central Pollution Control Board.

4. How about some biodegradable decorations?


Image Courtesy: Decoinch

We all love decorating our house with beautiful décor items every Diwali, don’t we? And every year, we see some splendid and creative stuff in the market. But you have to be really careful while picking up any of those enticing pieces if you want to do something good for your environment. So, say no to plastic this year, and look for stuff made of natural things. One of the awesome things that we come across recently is this organic lantern from Decoinch. Available in different colours, these lanterns are sure to make heads turn when hung in your balcony.

5. Welcome guests with nature-friendly rangoli

flower rangoli

Image Courtesy: Home Makeover

A rangoli is one of the must-haves in every house on Diwali. It looks beautiful and is considered auspicious too. And to make it even more auspicious (for the environment), create one with nature friendly materials like flowers, pulses, finely powdered spices, etc. What’s more, you can add some organic diyas in your rangoli too!

This Diwali, let’s pledge to not cause any harm to our environment. Just adopt these simple yet fun ideas and celebrate love, happiness and togetherness. Happy Diwali.

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