10 Gorgeous Ways To Decorate Your Home With Fairy Lights This Diwali

Using lights in house for decorating purpose is not usually a common thing except when it is festive season. Well, now that the festival of lights is just around the corner, you too must be looking for some twinkling delights for your home, right? And to help you out, we have for you some of the best ideas to decorate your home with fairy lights this Diwali.

1. Put them in glass jars or bottles

fairy lights

This will give a chic look to your home and that too without burning a hole in your pocket. Mason jars are easily available in market at reasonable prices. So put fairy lights in them and light up your home beautifully. If not Mason jar, then you can even opt for the empty glass bottles for an equally magical look.

2. Fill your ceiling with fairy lights for a starry sky

Fairy light

Give your space a surreal look by placing these twinkling delights all over the ceiling of your living room. What’s more, it won’t even take much of your time. Just put multiple strands, light them up and see the magic!

3. Grow lights at home

fairy light

Not literally, but you can nicely arrange the strings of fairy lights on your plants and make them also glow this festive season. Quite an interesting way to light up your garden, isn’t it?

4. Light up your bed

fairy light

Now that it’s festive season, your bedroom too should have an extra bit of light in it, right? Then fill up your headboard with some strings of lights and enjoy your bed’s makeover. If you want to make the ambience of your bedroom a bit more romantic, then place bed curtains in your bedroom, and hang lights on it.

5. Add these fairy lights with flowers in puja room

Fairy Lights

It’s Diwali time and so, it’s a mandate to give your puja room a total makeover like every year, right? Well, this time don’t decorate the puja room with just flowers and diyas, but add a few strings of fairy lights too so as to add the extra spark there.

6. Wrap them around your chandelier

fairy light

Give the chandelier in your living room a break and wrap multiple strings of fairy lights on it. This experiment will certainly being a pleasant change in the ambience of your space.

7. Frame your dressing table with them


Soak in the festive environment while getting ready for it with the help of fairy lights! Wondering how? Well, simply put these lights around the mirror of your dressing table and enjoy the festive season while getting ready for it.

8. Create a curtain

When you remove your curtains this Diwali for a wash, better don’t hang them back till the festive season is there! Instead, hang multiple strands of fairy lights so that they look like a twinkling curtain sheet. Brilliant idea, isn’t it?

9. Say ‘Happy Diwali’ with lights


It’s Diwali time- the time to don your creative hat and do something different to decorate your home! So, ditch those ‘Happy Diwali’ stickers and write it with these little lights this year. Trust us, every guest visiting your home this Diwali will be floored with your great style.

10. Lighted wreaths


Buy some beautiful wreaths and fit some lights in them for an awesome décor accessory. If you don’t find one easily, simply bend some copper wires in circles and decorate them with flowers, lights, beads and other accessories.

We are in awe with each and every idea to use fairy lights for Diwali décor. Which of these is your favourite? Do let us know in the comments below.  

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