10 Feng Shui Items That Will Bring Health, Wealth & Good Luck To Your Home

Feng Shui items are considered as the symbol of wealth and health in different parts of the world. According to the legends, they bring good luck to a place and should be an integral part of a home or an office. The people who are facing money and health issues should use these items for living a better quality of life.

So we bring to you a list of 10 Feng Shui items that are believed to bring wealth, health and good luck to your home.

1. Chinese Coins

chinese-coins-feng shui

If you want to increase your wealth, then putting a set of three Chinese coins in any part of your house is a perfect idea. You can either hang them on the entrance of your house or even put them in the safe. Apart from the wealth, your long-time desires will also be fulfilled by placing these coins on the south wall of your house.

2. Three-Legged Frog

three-leg-frog feng shui

Image Courtesy: Vastu Feng Shui

You may have seen this statue of a three-legged frog that has a coin in its mouth in many shops. This statue symbolizes wealth and it is strongly suggested in the Chinese tradition to keep at the entrance. Furthermore, it can bring the positive energy to your home.

3. Love Birds

Feng Shui Lovebirds

Image Courtesy: Ali Express

As we all know, the lovebirds are known as a true symbol of love. And, their portrait promotes the romance among the couples that can increase the happiness in the house. In addition, they bring good fortune for the unmarried individuals and allow them to succeed in their career. It is advised to the keep this statue in the South-West portion of the living room.

4. Evil Eye

Feng Shui Evil Eye

Image Courtesy: My Feng Shui Store

Evil Eye is yet another traditional Feng Shui symbol that you one can have in their home for better luck. It is known to stimulate good luck and create an energetic atmosphere in the house. So, if you are looking to bring positivity in your life, hanging an evil eye on the wall is an ideal choice.

5. Feng Shui Crystal

Feng Shui Crystal Ball

Image Courtesy: Ali Express

The Feng Shui crystal ball is multi-faceted. And all of them are believed to bring different types of blessings to the home. It is popular as the lucky charm that brings wealth and prosperity to the house. Overall, it is known to bring marvelous results in the money related matters.

6. Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Image Courtesy: Amazon

This item is available in many different sizes and can eliminate the bad dreams from your life. Additionally, it is an amazing decorating item that can be placed above the bed.

7. Dragon

feng shui dragon

Image Courtesy: Snapdeal

Dragon is a Chinese symbol of luck and power that should be placed on the east side of the living room. It is a unique kind of Feng Shui item that is believed to change your fortune within no time.

8. Fuk Luk Sau

ITEM NO:	DSC_00356 TITLE: 	ANTIQUE CHINESE STATUE FUK LUK SAU THREE STARS GOD  DSC_00356 SIZE:	Fuk: 10"(25.5CM)  4 1/4" (11CM)  3 5/8"(7CM)  	Luk: 10 5/8"(27CM) x 4 3/4" (12CM) x 3.5"(8CM) 	Sau:10.5"(26.5CM)  4.5" (11.5CM)  3.5"(9CM)Weight:850G NET WEIGHT:	2KGS GROSS WEIGHT:	3.5KGS CONDITON:	IN PERFECT CONDITION, USED NO CHIPS, NO CRACKS AND NO RESTORATION

Image Courtesy: Etsy

Fuk Luk Sau is the names of the three gods of prosperity, wealth, and health. You can stay protected from the fatal diseases and invite the good luck by exhibiting them in any portion of your living room.

9. Mandarin Ducks


Image Courtesy: Amazon

Placing the mandarin ducks in the South-West direction will help in having a happy and romantic married life. So, if you are looking to get charged with love, then buying this item is all you need.

10. Laughing Buddha


Image Courtesy: Snapdeal

Quite a popular decorative piece in offices and homes, the laughing Buddha is also a symbol of happiness and can add a positive spirit to any home.

Buy one of these Feng Shui items and see the positive changes in your life.

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