5 Most Popular Floor Tile Patterns For Your Home

It is pretty exciting to select the tile color and designs while constructing or remodeling homes. However, the biggest headache is to select one out of different tile patterns for floors available in the market. Selecting an appropriate pattern is very important as it can add a lot of charm to your flooring’s décor.

Here, we will tell you about some of the best floor tiling patterns that have been trending for almost forever. Check them out!

1. Running Bond Pattern

Floor Tile Pattern

Running bond is a common pattern that displays a line of tiles. In this particular tile pattern, all the rectangular tiles are aligned with the center of the others above and below. Basically, the seams are offset by half the width of the tiles giving a beautiful touch to the floor. It is a ‘simple to lay out’ pattern that only demands to space the joints in an accurate way. In addition, it minimizes the stress on the grout seams that further reduces the chances of cracks.

2. Basketweave Pattern

basketweave floor tile

Image Courtesy: Novalinea Bagni Interior

Basketweave is one of the best floor tile patterns and is ideal if you are using natural stone tiles. Moreover, it is a great option for the homes with small spaces. This pattern is like a rectangular tile that looks like the texture of a woven basket.

3. Straight Lay Pattern

Floor Tile Patterns

Image Courtesy: Tile Home Guide

It is a simple floor pattern that is pretty common in the homes all over the world. A straight-lay pattern is a durable option for the fairly large tile sizes. The biggest benefit of this pattern is its easiness to install. In addition, the long life of this particular tile pattern as compared to the other options makes it all the more preferred choice.

4. Herringbone Pattern

Floor Tile Pattern

Image Courtesy: Memorable Decor

If you are looking to add a sophisticated visual texture to your floor, then the herringbone pattern is all you need. It will glow up your home and give it a new style. Having this type of pattern in your home will give it a stunning touch along with the structural stability.

5. Cobble Stone Tile Pattern

Floor Tile Pattern

Image Courtesy: Tile Shop

Cobble stone is one of the most enchanting patterns that have ever been made. It focuses on replicating the natural look and adds a feel of old European streets to your home. It is a distinctive style of tile patterns for floors that is ideal for the people who want to give a traditional look to their home. However, setting this pattern takes time and you may require some patience.

To conclude, we can say that all these tile patterns for floors can give a style and safety to your house at the same time. All you need to do is select one pattern according to your taste and requirements. Also, don’t forget to share the images after laying out the tiles in your home and tell us about your experience in the comment section below.

Cover Image Courtesy: Buildkar

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