Top 5 Lighting Trends This Year That’ll Give Your House A Trendy Look

Without any doubt, interior lighting is the most important characteristic of the design of a house. It can allow your home to look more creative and stylish. Every year, the lighting trends come out of the woodwork and give us something new.

And today, we will give you a brief about the top five home lighting trends this year. Check them out and select one as per your taste and requirements.

1. LED Lighting

LED is the latest technological advancement in the home lighting industry. It is one of the best lighting trends that are solid as well as energy efficient. It can save up to 90% energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs.

Home lighting trends

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If you are looking to change the lighting for your home, then there is nothing better than the LEDs, which will turn out to be a tangible investment for your home.  Other than longer life and unique style, the LEDs are less dangerous to the environment as they are made up of nontoxic materials.

2. Pendant Lights

Though pendant lighting isn’t a new thing, the latest designs in this type make it a part of this year’s trends as well. It feels both elegant as well as playful at the same time. This one of the main reasons why it makes to the list of top home lighting trends this year.

Home lighting trends

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Even the simple pendant light design packed with a bold and modern touch can add style and class to your home. Some of the most popular silhouettes are bowl pendants and drum pendants.

3. Vintage Edison

The homeowners who love the nostalgic design should consider the vintage Edison style lighting. This bulb goes well in the areas such as living room and kitchen due to the rounded cone shape.

Home Lighting Trends

Image Courtesy: Edison Light Globes

Moreover, it is the ideal option for people who are looking for the LED variations that have a longer life and consumes lesser energy. Another amazing benefit of this type is lighting is its cheap price as it lowest range begins from a little above Rs. 100.

4. Malleable Metals

One of the top lighting trends for this year is the malleable pendant that looks pretty different due to its design and light. This type of lighting has been created for providing a lamp that can cater the spatial requirements of the customers. It is a unique type of lighting that fulfills the modern approach needed for making a home look fashionable and glowing.

5. RLM Lighting

RLM Lighting is one of those specific types of lighting fixtures that have gained lots of popularity in the recent times. It is designed in such a way that it reflects the light downward and can now commonly be seen on the wall sconces.


Image Courtesy: The Barn Light Blog

Presently, the RLM lighting holds a small share in the home lighting market, but it is continuously climbing the charts.

Clearly, each of these home lighting trends is perfect and look brilliant at any home. So, when are you changing your lights?

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