15 Stunning Small Balcony Decor Ideas from Popular Home Decor Enthusiasts on Instagram

A balcony is that space of your home which gives you ample privacy despite being open. When you come back home every evening after a tiring day, nothing freshens you up more than a cup of tea teamed up with the beautiful view of your city from the balcony. Weekends can be even more exciting with you enjoying your favorite book while chilling in the sun in your balcony. If you make the most of this corner of your house by spending a lot of time there, then it deserves to look better than any other regular balcony. And to help you in that, here we bring to you 15 gorgeous small balcony decor ideas from some of the most popular and brilliant home decor enthusiasts on Instagram.

1. Grow a Garden

Just one look at the transformation journey of this balcony will win your heart. The miniature garden created by the very talented Interior Designer Ananya Indu on this lovely balcony looks so refreshing. There are wide-leafed potted plants, small ones on the shelf, succulents, creepers hanging in the air, and some small pots clinging on to the balcony grill. We love how other elements like wall art, tassels, wind chime, etc. have been added to the place without going overboard.

2. Your very own Picnic Spot

Here comes a balcony decor idea that is very easy to recreate and will be loved by every member of the house. Ensuring the optimum utilization of the available space, a mini garden has been created while keeping some space to sit and enjoy the decor.

3. A Splash of Colors

Give your balcony a colorful makeover by adding some vibrant pots to it. An exciting feature of this balcony’s decor is the colorful floor that reduces the effort of finding a carpet to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space. But don’t forget to hang in a matching curtain like it is done here.

4. Pick a Color Scheme

If going overboard with the colors is not your style, then you can pick one of two colors to create a stylish balcony design. Just like this white and blue balcony decor done by one of the popular home decor enthusiasts on Instagram, MyHomeVibes by Kruti. The blue wall and balcony grill are complemented well with white furniture and furnishings.

5. Go with the Prints

We love how this balcony is decorated beautifully with a variety of prints. The cushion cover has an Aztec print on it whereas the table top flaunts the vibrant geometric print. Not to miss, the Moroccan print on the floor. And if you have the eyes that catch the minutest of the details, you would notice the stripes on the chair seat as well. Absolutely a fresh take on the balcony decor style!

6.  Bring a Swing

This looks like an uber-cool idea to add some fun to this corner of your house. Place a swing in your balcony and team it up with some beautiful floral cushions and curtains. We couldn’t help but notice other beautiful details like the floor design, the hanging lamp and hanging plant. Doesn’t this balcony make a soothing spot to spend the evenings?

7. The Forest-y Feels

Well, that’s how you can feel really close to nature even in a small balcony. Include as many elements as possible that remind you of the beauty of nature. The small log table is certainly the key highlight of this beautiful balcony.

8. Create a Photo Wall

Pictures on your wall remind you of some of the best times of your life. While most of us have them in our bedrooms or living rooms, placing some of the pictures in your balcony is definitely one good idea for those who love spending a lot of time in this cozy corner of their house.

9. Cover it up with Creepers and Climbers

Now that’s an easy-peasy way to give your sweet small balcony a sassy look. Simply paint the wall in a bright hue and then place a few creeper and climber plants along with it. As they grow, they will add a beautiful texture to the bright wall of your balcony thereby making it the coolest of all in the neighbourhood.

10. A Grassy Affair

If you truly want to turn your small balcony into a picnic spot, then don’t let the space constraint stop you from doing so. You can spread an artificial grass carpet on the floor and enjoy a sunny day out in your balcony. And if that amount of greenery is not enough for you, then don’t shy away from hanging a few grass mats on the wall too.

11. Quirk it up

Who doesn’t love a dash of quirk in their life? While some prefer everything quirky in their wardrobe, some like it in their surroundings. If you belong to both or at least the latter category, then this chic and quirky balcony is the right kind of inspiration you need. Are we right or are we right?

12. A Small Living Room

This is one of the wisest uses of a small balcony that we have come across till now. The way a small corner is used to fit in a sofa without making the space look clumsy or stifling is quite impressive. In addition to that, you can’t miss that wooden box that serves not only as a side table, but also a storage box.

13. Mix it up

Marrying contemporary elements with the traditional ones always creates a magical aura. This balcony is just exhibiting the same magic with a modern-day colour palette teamed up with traditional prints.

14. A Starry Night

Considering the crazy times that we are living in, going out for leisure and relaxation clearly seems to be a distant possibility. Well, in that case, wouldn’t it be a blessing to have a corner in your home only that makes you feel refreshed every time you spend at least a few minutes there? We think this balcony was created with such a mindset only. With fairy lights hanging like a bunch of stars and greenery all around, a few moments on that couch would be such a bliss.

15. A Mini Outdoor Playground

Anyone who designed this balcony is sheer genius. While we all are scared of sending our kids to play outside because of the fear of virus, we also don’t want them to be stuck with mobiles and television all the time. This brilliantly designed balcony will not only make the kids ditch the laptop/mobile/television screen, but will also get them involved in some fun activities.

These were some of our favourite balcony decor ideas that we discovered on Instagram. Do you feel your looks as amazing as these? Then send us the pictures on techstyleandhomes@gmail.com and we will feature you.

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