8 Auspicious Vastu Tips For The Main/Entrance Door Of Your Home

The main door of any house is a gateway to success that gives a glimpse of what you will find inside. It is not only the starting point for your house, but it also offers constant energy to the family members.

So today, we will give you top 8 Vastu tips for the main gate that you should follow to bring in luck and happiness to your house. Read on!

1. The main door should be the largest

Vastu Tips Main Door

According to the Vastu Shastra, a house’s main door should be larger in size a compared to the rest of the doors, as positive energy enters through it. So to allow positivity to enter your house, make sure your main door is bigger in size.

2. Name matters a lot

Vastu Tips Name Plate

There is a great importance of dwelling in the Vastu to many people. In addition, it is believed that a home without name plate has fewer chances to find their way to success. In simple words, the home that doesn’t have a proper nameplate might find it difficult to see better things.

3. The main door should be attractive

Vastu Tips Main Door

According to Vastu, your main door should have a beautiful design and must not be boring. Hence, make it stylish and attractive through stunning designs and greenery. The main thing you need to do is make the entry gate to look energetic and pleasant to everyone’s house. This will invite success and happiness to your house.

4. Direction of the entrance

Vastu Tips

The majority of the people don’t care much about the direction, but it is one of the most important Vastu tips for entrance doors. According to the experts, it should be in the North or East direction so that it can invite the blessings of Goddess Laxmi.

5. Two main doors

Vastu Tips Main Door

If you follow Vastu closely, then you must be aware that having two main doors in the house can bring energy to your house. One of them will work as the main entrance, whereas the other can be used for exit. Also, it is suggested to keep the rear door with a single shutter and the main door with two shutters.

6. Entrance should be away from the corners

Vastu Tips Main Door

It is strongly advised that the main door of the house should be located at the distance of at least a foot from the corner. In fact, try to keep the corners located at a good distance from the main door.

7. Entrance should have adequate light

Vastu Tips Main Door

According to the Vastu professionals, happiness can go back if your main door is located in the dark. In order to avoid this, you should make sure that this portion of the house should have adequate lighting.

8. Decorate the house’s entrance

Vastu Tips Main Door

The people who are believers of the Hindu mythology should decorate the entrance of the house with the statue of Kubera, Lakshmi or Ganesha. In fact, it is one of the most valuable Vastu tips for the main entrance.

Taking care of these Vastu tips will bring prosperity and happiness to your house. It will let you and your family members achieve a greater success in their life. If you found this article useful, then share it with your friends on social media.

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