Interior Design Trends That Are Going To Be A Hit In 2018

Are you thinking how the stylish homes will look like in 2018? If yes, then this article will certainly help you in getting the right information. We will tell you about the interior design trends that are going to be popular next year. It will help you in decorating your home in the best possible manner.

So, here come the top interior design trends for 2018:

1. Textured Tiles

Designer Tiles

Image Courtesy: Harvey Maria

The plain white subway tiles have become the talk of the past. Talking about what’s going to be a rage in the coming time, the plain tiles will be completely replaced by the textured ones in the next year. The textured tiles are much more impactful than the older ones and add more depth to the home. This type of design makes space look larger than the normal and makes the home look interesting.

2. Oversized Furniture


Image Courtesy: Pinkpeonies

There is no doubt that the size will be one of the key points while selecting your favorite furniture in 2018. It might be a bad news for the individuals who have issues while fitting furniture in their living room or bedrooms, as the big interior spaces and larger furniture is promoted by the latest trends in the upcoming year.

3. Curves


Image Courtesy: Ira Design

The room sets having curved sofas that will be pushed together for forming a semi-circle and it will surely rock in 2018. However, you need to have a sizeable living room for following this design trend. It will be great for the individuals who like to play board games or prefer to have more conversation with each other.

4. Dark Wood

dark wood furniture

Image Courtesy: The Daniels Group

Have you thought about creating a blend of chocolate brown and light brown colors along with the fascinating lighting solutions? It is going to look cool in your house. The popularity of the dark wood will reach its peak in the next year and you should certainly go with this idea.

5. Fringe

fringe sofa

Image Courtesy: Jonathan Adler

According to the well-known home designer Gage, the fringes will rule the interior designing market in 2018. Presently, it can be seen in the decorative blankets and throw pillows, but it will soon be used in other furniture pieces as well. A well-thought fringe design can give an amazing feel to the home. So, you need to take care of this while redoing your interiors.

6. Metallics

Metallic Interior Decor

Image Courtesy: Spacio Decor & Accessories

One of the best interior design trends that are destined to carry forward into 2018 is metallic, which anchors a room in a brilliant way. This type of design plays a dominant role in furnishings, such as dining tables and coffee tables. Moreover, you can add an artistic flair by using hand-painted metallic elements on the fabrics and art.

To sum up, we can say that the interior design trends for 2018 will come up with some of the exciting trends that are loved by the majority of the people. You will be able to give an amazing look to your home by adding some creativity and experimentation. So, what are waiting for? Transform your home into an amazing one by following these trends.

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