5 Best Interior Paint Types That Can Create Wonders On Your Wall

There is a unique attraction in the interior paints that can add new life to your room or freshen up the surroundings for making a peaceful oasis. There is a huge range of paints available in the market that makes it difficult to find out the best interior paint.

However, if you have the proper information about the major paint-able surfaces and what you want to achieve on your walls, then the right choice can be easily made.

Here, we will tell you about five best interior paint types that can give a breath of fresh air to your old room. Check out these options and find out which one will suit your walls the most.

1. Matte Paint

No list of the best interior paint types can be completed without mentioning the name of matte paint. It offers no shine and sheen to the finish that makes it perfect for walls if you want no visual distractions.

It covers the majority of the imperfections in the surface and that’s why it suits best for areas, such as dining rooms, living rooms, ceilings, and bedrooms where there is generally a less amount of dirt.

2. Eggshell

Eggshell doesn’t highlight imperfections much, but it is pretty suitable as the interior wall paint. It offers a shiny and extremely subtle finish without the smoothness that comes in the case of the satin wall paint.

One of the incredible benefits of this paint is that it can cover more surfaces by using a lesser amount as compared to the other forms of paints. It is an easy to apply paint that can cover a good amount of area with just a single coat.

3. Satin

Satin is the best interior paint that retains its pearl-like sheen and offers a smooth paint finish.  This paint is perfect for your kid’s room walls and even gives a beautiful look to your living spaces.

It offers a glossy effect that stands up brilliantly to the washing. Having satin color on the walls, which you need to clean more often, is the most exciting option.

4. Semi Gloss

Semi Gloss interior paint offers a bright sheen along with higher resistance to the moisture. This paint has gained lots of popularity among the people and mainly used on trims instead of the walls.

You can achieve a wonderful covering with a single coat of semi gloss paint. It provides a hard finish to the wall that makes it perfect for heavy use.

5. High Gloss Paint

Gloss Paint is the best interior paint to apply in the home’s high traffic areas. Additionally, it is a great option for entry doors and playground equipment.

This type of paints is pretty common on the front doors because it reflects the light.

We are pretty sure that after reading the above article, you can select the best interior paint easily. Select the perfect one as per your taste and requirements for giving the perfect look to your room this year.

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