10 Cool Kids Bed Design For Your Little One’s Room

Kids live in their own world of creativity and innocence. They couldn’t care less about Kim Kardashian’s love for minimal home decor. They want their rooms to be fun and their beds to be unique. You have to think like a kid to design their room, especially when it comes to finding the perfect bed for them. Your imagination should be in full gear because those cute little monsters deserve to be tucked in the beds of their dreams. We have found some amazing bed designs for your little ones. Trust us, they will love these beds.

1. Bunk Bed

bunk bed for kids
Image Credit: Rooms To Go Kids

If you have more than one kid then getting a bunk bed for them will serve two purposes; first, it will save a lot of space and second, it will keep the siblings closer. Instead of a boring bunk bed, get your kids something colorful and playful. You can even get a bunk bed with in-built storage.

2. Car Bed

car bed for kids
Image Credit: Cilek Odasi

Pixar’s movie ‘Cars’ is loved by all the kids. This brought car-inspired beds in demand. Get your little ones a car bed and they will smile from ear to ear. You can even paint a race-track in their room to complement their special bed.

3. Space Bed

space bed design for kids
Image Credit: Sam Gartner
space bed design for kids
Image Credit: Rooms To Go Kids

If you think that the mysteries of the universe intrigue grown-ups only then you need to get your facts right. Kids are more fascinated by the vast space than you. Stars and other celestial bodies always make them wonder. These space-inspired beds will be perfect for your little astronauts.

4. Canopy Bed

Fairy Tale Canopy Bed for girls
Image Credit: MiniDeco

Give your little princess her own castle by getting her a canopy bed. You can take inspiration from Disney fairy tales like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White or you can use fairy lights to fix her the bed of her dreams.

5. Star Wars Bed

star wars bed for kids
Image Credit: Rooms To Go Kids

No one can deny the fact that kids love to live in their own little world. Often their worlds are based on the movies and TV series that they watch. Among these fantasy shows, the Star Wars is one of the most famous ones. If your kids are into such movies, then they will love this one for sure.

6. Multi-purpose Bed

multi-purpose kids bed
Image Credit: Rooms To Go Kids

What more do you need if your bed gives you a shelf to keep the extra pillows and mattresses, a cupboard to store your belongings, multiple drawers to stay organized with your little essentials and a study table next to it?

7. Carriage Cart Bed

carriage cart bed for kids
Image Credit: Three Moms

Kids watch fairy tales and a ride in a carriage cart always excites them. Undoubtedly, they would love to have this uber cool carriage cart bed in their bedroom.

8. Futon Loft Bed

futon loft bed for kids
Image Credit: Rooms To Go Kids

Your kid is sure to fall in love with this one. A comfy bed with a futon beneath makes it a complete package. Not to miss, the shelves on the sides to keep the important things handy and the little basket to keep your little one active even indoor.

9. Bus Bed

bus bed for kids
Image Credit: The Bed Shop Sheffield
bus bed for kids
Image Credit: The Furniture Website

As a kid, all of us wished for something as cool as this for a bed. Well, today’s kids are luckier than us as they have got more variety. These bus-shaped beds will make a wonderful addition to your kids’ room, won’t they?

10. House Bed

house shaped bed for kids
Image Credit: Hana Signor

Playing house is one of the oldest traditions that is still very much popular among kids. Kids act like grown ups and take the responsibilities of the house by involving their mini kitchen set, dolls, and pets. Well, it definitely would be a great add on when they would have a house of their own in this little act of play.

With these beds, it wouldn’t be hard to convince your energy bundles to hit the sack. Kids are special and so are their needs. Getting them a bed that they can relate to will not only make them happy but it will make your job of making them sleep easier as well.

Cover Image Credit: Kids Sleep World

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