10 Stylish Home Décor Items Featuring The Color Of 2019- Living Coral

living coral home decor

As we step into a 2019, Pantone has given us a beautiful hue to drool over the entire year. The colour of the year 2019 is the very appealing Living Coral and we sure want a lot of it in our life for the next 12 months. And if you too are head over heels in love with this exquisite shade, then we have something that you’d love. Here, check out some stunning home décor items in the Living Coral shade.

1. Floral Quilted Bedset

fiore quilted bedset

Image Courtesy: It’s All About Home

Floral prints can never stop looking charming and here we are in love with this exquisite quilted bedset featuring beautiful flowers in the Living Coral shade. Give your bedroom a stylish makeover by adding this charmer to it.

2. Crochet Case

living coral home decor

Image Courtesy: Croche Prive

There cannot be anything cooler than these crocheted cases to be added to your home this winter. Use them to cover the mason jars in your kitchen or cover your plant pots with them, they will simply turn your house into one adorable space.

3. Living Coral Bathroom

living coral home decor

Image Courtesy: Bisazza Official

Give your bathroom an all-new makeover by splashing the Living Coral colour all over it. Wondering how? You can take cues from this beautiful bathing space.

4. Regal Bedding

regal bedding

Image Courtesy: It’s All About Home

Bring in this fun hue to your bedroom and team it up with the classy white to give your space a royal look. What’s more? You have items in rich fabrics to add to the glam factor. Don’t believe us? Well, guess you didn’t look at those textured cushions and that velvet quilted throw yet.

5. Fusion Furniture

living coral home decor

Image Courtesy: Ron April

This ottoman style centre table will definitely become the centre of attraction of your house. Moreover, it is a great way to add the colour of the year 2019 to your living room. It adds just the right amount of Living Coral to a space, doesn’t it?

6. Living Coral Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet

Image Courtesy: Solid Collective

A cute cabinet in your kitchen in the coral shade sure will make cooking a lot more fun. So when are you going to install one in yours?

7. Light It Up

cottons and satins

Image Courtesy: Cottons and Satins

Candles add an unusual charm and a hint of luxury to a space. This year, bring the ones in this lovely coral shade and decorate your house with the beautiful combination of candles and flowers.

8. Living Coral In The Living Room

living room decor

Image Courtesy: Gina Everett

How about having the gorgeous Living Coral colour all over your living room? Start from the sofa and then you can move on to the cushions, throws and decorative pieces to fill your living room with this vibrant hue.

9. Sofa With A Dash Of Living Coral

it's all about home

Image Courtesy: It’s All About Home

Well, if you do not want too much of the same shade in your living room, then just add a bit of it in one of the main elements present in your space. Like this sofa, that has got the perfect balance of a sober shade and the peppy colour of the year.

10. Let Your Door Do The Talking

bathroom design

Image Courtesy: Yeiayel

Turn your space into a peppy, welcoming one by putting this fun shade on your doors. You can even team them up with a wallpaper that has just a dash of this shade, and you are good to go.

So, how are you going to add the colour of the year 2019- Living Coral to your home décor? Do tell us in the comments below.

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