5 Unique Decor Ideas To Make Your Living Room Look Really Cool

The first and possibly also the most seen place of your home by any outsider, is your living room. Well, this reason is enough for you to pay some extra attention to it while redecorating your entire house, right? So, here we bring to you some unique ideas for your living room’s décor:

1. Go minimal

Living room

Believe us, the ‘less is more’ mantra works really well when it comes to designing your living room. Just opt for minimal number of decorative items, use plain upholstery and get set to exude elegance through this part of your home.

2. In the lap of nature

living room

If you have got a nice view outside, then why hide it? Go for big windows in your living room to let your guests and family enjoy the beautiful view outside.

3. Vintage is charming

living room

Nothing can ever beat the charm of beautiful pieces that your grandparents brought home when they were young. So bring that vintage touch back home with wooden furniture, old style cupboard and other items to set your living room apart.

4. Make it a royal affair

living room

As already said, your living room is one of the most visited places of your house by the outsiders. So wouldn’t it be a great idea to make it look like a king’s court? After all, you would want your guests to be impressed with your great taste, won’t you? If yes, then bring in the carpets, cushions, upholstery, etc., that have the prints like they show in the period films. And oh, don’t forget the chest on the centre table!

5. Contemporary vibes

living room

A blend of contemporary design with an old-school touch is always delightful. Just like this one in the picture! The plain sofa teamed up with the uber-cool cushions is giving just the right amount of modern touch to the room, and the bare wall is adding the vintage drama to it. Brilliant fusion, isn’t it?

Well, these were some unique living room design ideas from our side. So, which of these is your favourite? Do tell us in the comments below.

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