8 Design Tips To Make Your Low Ceiling Look Higher

The ceiling of a house is not something one looks at immediately after entering the house. However, it has an impact in the way the house looks like on the first go. Everyone likes to live in a big and airy space. And, the low ceiling may make you feel like you’re trapped in a box with little space to breathe. Well, we understand that the actual design of your house cannot be changed. But, there are a lot of tips which would help you in maintaining your personal space even if you have a low ceiling. So, we’ve come up with 8 design tips for those who have a low ceiling.

1. Lighten up your room

low ceiling design tips

If you want to make your ceiling look higher, then you would have to work on the lighting of the room. Make sure you use only the bright lights which will make your room look livelier and way more comfortable to live in. The dim ones, on the other hand, will make your space look even more suffocating.

2. Use vertical stripes for the room

Low Ceiling Design Tips

Image Courtesy: Lestnic

Have you ever noticed, a vertical striped top makes you look thinner while a horizontal one makes you look fat? Similarly, when you look upwards, the walls seem to look much taller. Thus, you could paint some vertical stripes on your wall to give it an elongated look.

3. Keep the furniture that is lower in height

low ceiling design tips

For increasing the height of the room, the furniture needs to be a bit on the lower side. This would make the room look visibly bigger. If the furniture is low, then it looks like there is still ample space left in the room.

4. Add a splash of color

low ceiling design tips

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We all have heard that white paint makes the space look bigger and black makes it look smaller. But, adding some vibrant colors will make you focus more on them rather than the low ceiling. That’s why it is a great suggestion.

5. Use glass walls or floor-to-ceiling windows

Low Ceiling Design Tips

Image Courtesy: Corcoran

Glass helps in reflecting things around and making your space look bigger. If you have a wall covered with glass, it would tend to make the room way bigger. Probably double in size than what it already is. Also, it would let the sunlight come streaming in and as you know, natural light is always better for a small space

6. Lighting it all up

low ceiling design tips

Image Courtesy: DDHeartslove

We would recommend not hanging down lights from the ceiling since it is already too low. So, the lights should be fixed on side walls. This would give a cozy touch to the room too as well as not play with the space. So you can decorate your room with the pretty light fixtures!

7. Hang the curtains way up high

If you hang your drapes close to the ceiling, the fall of the curtains would make your room look elongated and give it a good fabric touch. If you hang the drapes low down on the window slit, then it may not give a good look to your room. So, it would be best if you choose to hang it just a few inches below your ceiling line.

8. Use some glossy colours the room

low ceiling design tips

Image Courtesy: Monster Math Design Club

This rule should be applied on the furniture, cutlery and other things kept around in the room. This would capture the eye the first time someone enters the room and is really beneficial to divert one’s attention.

So, now that we have given you some easy low ceiling design tips, go get started on your own space and make it look amazing!

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