7 Exciting Ways Mirrors Can Make A Style Statement In Your House

Mirrors can load up the style and decoration of a room and increase the beauty of the space. However, you can’t put them anywhere as they need to be the charming centerpiece of the house. They are known as one of the handiest objects if you are looking to make your house appear glamorous.

In this article, we will tell you about exciting ways to decorate your house with mirrors. Read on!

1. Setting them up on the gallery wall

Mirrors home decor

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You can enhance the beauty of your gallery by adding mirrors on the walls. This way, the mirrors will appear as the central attraction. Moreover, when these mirrors will flank each other, they will make a brilliant wall art.

2. Bathroom mirror wall

Mirrors home decor

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Here, you can definitely make a unique style statement! Simply place a mirror wall behind the tub instead of the common idea of placing one mirror over the sink. This way, you can add an old world touch to your bathroom and make it look antique.

3. Circular mirrors

Mirrors Home Decor

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Placing circular mirrors in beautiful frames can make a corner of your space look really pretty. In fact, it will give a unique look to your room. You can also place some vases of fresh flowers or potted plants near them. Doing so will further add texture and colors to it.

4. Mirrors behind the bedside lamps

Mirrors home decor

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It is a brilliant idea to make your bedroom beautiful by placing a small vanity mirror on both sides of the lamps. You can place a vase with flowers in front of mirrors or pin them to the wall. The reflection of these objects will add style and beauty to your room.

5. Multicolor mirrors

Mirrors home decor

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If you place mirrors with a little creativity and the multicolored frames, then they can add a gorgeous color palette to your room. Moreover, painting the frame with lots of colors can make your room look eclectic and interesting. Generally, a combination of bright orange and yellow works best for the most of the rooms.

6. Wardrobe panels

Mirrors home decor

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One of the most exciting ways to add a style statement is by transforming your wardrobe into mirror panels. It will allow your room look bigger and brighter than before. This way, your wardrobe will look much better as compared to the wooden covering.

7. Mirror stairs

home decor mirrors

Image Courtesy: Arch Daily

This idea may not be suitable for all the homes. But still, it is a pretty cool concept that can work brilliantly. It is a pretty cool idea that can’t be denied as a standalone concept.

To sum up, we can say that these amazing ideas for mirrors can work wonderfully for your house. Choose one of these trends and add some glow to make your home beautiful. In case, you have any suggestion or query regarding this article, please write them in the comment box.

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