10 Chic Furniture Pieces For Your Living Room That Will Make You Ditch The Traditional Sofa

sofa alternatives

If you think your living room needs a sofa set to feel complete, your opinion is going to change very soon. There is a huge variety of alternatives to the sofa that you can have in your living room. You will be amazed to see how different your space can look by selecting a unique combination.

So, let us take you through some amazing alternatives to the sofa that you can add to your living room to give it a cool, contemporary look.

1. Armless Chairs

armless chairs

Image Courtesy: Weego Home

Armless chairs are one cool option you can opt for your living room instead of the good old sofas. You will find a wide variety in terms of design, upholstery fabric, colors and more. The sleek armless chairs are just perfect for the compact living rooms as they offer maximum seating without making a space look cramped.

2. Bean Bags

bean bags

Image Courtesy: Discovered

The cool and quirky bean bags are quite popular especially among the younger generation these days. Bean bags effortlessly add a stylish and contemporary touch to your living room. You can have them all in the same color, print, and pattern or you can combine a variety to up the style game of your space.

3. Ottomans

cocktail table with ottomans

Image Courtesy: Foter

Setting up beautiful ottomans around a cocktail table in the middle has worked brilliantly for many living rooms. You can have side tables where you can place lamps for giving an amazing light setting to the room. The ottomans are light in weight can easily be moved to change the setting or another room whenever required. That’s why they are considered as one of the most favorable alternatives to the sofa for living room.


Image Courtesy: Temple & Webster

You can even ditch the traditional center table and use a combination of round ottomans in the sides with a square one in the middle.

4. Floor Cushions

floor mattress and cushions

Image Courtesy: Loaf

If you want to give a simple yet exciting look to your living room, then placing some large cushions along with a mattress can work perfectly for you. They can turn your living room into a really cozy place that would make your guests homely.

5. Swing Chair

swing chair

Image Courtesy: Home of June

Having a set of swing chairs in your living room can turn out to be an incredibly cool idea. Ditching the sofa for swing chairs in your living room is something that everyone visiting your place is going to appreciate. Just choose your favorite style and set them in your living room. Everyone, especially the kids, is going to love them.

6. Cardboard Furniture

cardboard furniture

Image Courtesy: Anetaknovackova

The cardboard furniture has gained lots of popularity in a short span of time and is presently known as an experimental design trend. Although not as durable as the traditional sofas, the cardboard furniture is a very cheap alternative to the expensive ones. Moreover, it makes the individuals feel comfortable while sitting on it.

7. Chaise Lounge

chaise lounge

Image Courtesy: Interior Define

A chaise lounge is a perfect option for you if you want to give your living room a classy vintage look. For those who are short on space, a chaise longue does the work of a sofa in the daytime and a bed during the night.

8. Pouffe


Image Courtesy: Urban Ladder

The lightweight poufs can give an uber stylish look to your space. When selected carefully, they can prove to be a lot more than just a footrest. Pick the ones matching your walls, curtains, carpet, etc and you would not feel the need for a sofa set in your living room.

9. Daybed


Image Courtesy: Sinnerup

Daybeds are chic and give a contemporary feel to your space. Similar to the chaise lounge, a daybed is also your answer to small spaces. Throw in some cushions in a variety of shapes to add a pinch of funk to your space.

10. Futon


Image Courtesy: Flipkart

There are tons of options in the market that offer the functionality of both a sofa and bed. A futon is one of those multi-function options that transforms into a bed from a sofa in no time. You can frequently change the cover of the futon mattress to keep giving your living room a new look frequently.

We bet you didn’t know there were so many chic alternatives to a sofa for your living room. So, if you are looking to try something unique, then selecting one of these options will work brilliantly for you. Don’t forget to share the pictures of your living room with us at techstyleandhomes@gmail.com

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