7 Splendid Ideas To Add A Traditional Indian Touch To Your Interiors

Being home to an extremely rich cultural heritage, India has always been an inspiration for the artists from all over the world. Be it our clothes, food or anything else, we still love to stay connected to our roots despite so much of advancement. And the same reflects in our interiors too, right? The traditional feel of our country softly wrapped in modernity can just give any home a much-needed charming makeover. So, if you too are looking for such an inspiration, here are some fabulous tip to add traditional Indian touch to your interiors.

1. Start with fabrics having traditional prints or embroidery

sofa indian print

Update any room by translating the bold Indian influences to the upholstery, curtains, rugs and more. Ranging from Jaipuri block-printed bedspreads to a table cloth in phulkari embroidery, just go outrageously Indian with your choice of fabrics for decorating your home. Different layers of fabrics in traditional prints and embroidery will ensure that you have taken the first step right in adding an Indian touch to your home.

2. Go for vintage furniture for that dramatic look

Vintage Indian Sofa

Get transported to exotic India with furniture that is rustic in appearance and definitely solid in quality. Different kinds of woods are available like ebony, teak and rosewood for a grand sofa set or beds. This look can be balanced with low-seating, vibrant cushions and spreads for a look that is charming and inviting.

3. Time to add some “Palace-like Pleasure”


Get inspired by the architectural richness of Indian forts and palaces. Lay your hands on metallic effects like gold, silver, copper, brass, wooden boxes, coasters, trays, wall decor elements and photo frames. Experimenting with zardozi work and different colours will help you inject freshness in the different corners of your home.

4. Time to look for “Terracotta Treasure”


It is warm and earthy that gives a completely rustic feel to your decor. You can get large pots and penholders. Steer away from ordinary clay pot designs as they might not do anything to make your look more traditional and beautiful. Instead, look for animals like elephants and cows made from it.

5. How about a bit of marvellous marble!

Marble table

Think of the magnificent Taj Mahal and revel in the importance of marble by bringing it home! It is surely a burgeoning trend in interiors with advanced processes of marble cutting and shaping being available. A great choice for table tops and flooring, it surely enhances the look of your home.

6. Set up a royal affair in your garden

pagoda tent in garden

Place the Pergola garden tent, which is a four-side open canopy, outfitted with sheer curtains. This will surely be a reminiscent of the olden times where teatime was treated like a royal affair every day. So, get ready to feel like a Maharaja in your garden with bamboo or wrought iron furniture. This space can also be used for an evening party styled further with hookahs and lounge music.

7. Spiritual stuff for a soothing corner

temple in home

Indian homes with beautiful symbols or statues of religious significance not only please your aesthetic sensibilities, but also lend a feel-good vibe to your home. An intricately carved Om or a Lord Ganesha statue in the foyer can look extremely elegant and traditional.

Additionally, bring together vibrant cushions, antique pieces and look for the above-mentioned trends to give your home a truly Indian makeover!

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