6 Unique Decor Items You Can Gift Your Friends This Festive Season

Festive season is here yet again and like every year, we love every bit of it even this time. Decorating home like never before, relishing on a variety of traditional sweets, hunting for the best gift for close friends and relatives, and what not- everything just makes this festive season one of the happiest times of our monotonous lives every year.

Well, as we just said, decorating home and giving gifts to the loved ones make to the most important things in the list every festive season, these two things hence often get clubbed together. What we mean to say is that most of the times, we tend to pick home décor items when it comes to buying a gift for someone during festive season, especially on Diwali. Agreed, it’s one of the best gift options for this season, but what we do not agree with is the clichéd stuff that you mostly end up picking up every time.

So if you don’t wish to leave an impression of being a not-so-trendy person on your loved ones, impress them with your unique gifts this time. And to help you out, let us give you a few ideas. Here you go:

1. Mason jar fairy lights


Everybody loves to light up their home during festival season. This year, give your loved ones a different way to make their homes shine. Gift them a combination of Mason jar and fairy lights and they will be all praises for your great taste.

2. Trays


There happen to be a lot of guest visits at everyone’s place during festivals. Just like you would be a good host to your guests at home, we are sure your friends and relatives will be no different.  And, you can help them become not just a good host, but a stylish one too by gifting them a chic tray. Go for a funky print with vibrant colours to add on to the festive feel.

3. Lamp


Agreed, this sounds a bit clichéd. But you will also agree that no home’s look can be complete without a beautiful lamp, especially during this time of the year. And to stand out with your choice, go with the one with cool digital print. Such lamps come with unique designs and add a quirky touch to the space where they are kept.

4. Lantern candles


Candles form one of the most important décor items in India during festivals, especially, Diwali. In fact, candles are one of the most common gift options too during festivals. So if you too are planning to pick one beautiful set of designer candle as a gift for someone, here’s a better plan. Go for lantern candles instead! Not only will they add to the celebratory mood, but will also give a classy ambience in an area.

5. Furniture


If your budget is a bit bigger, then one of the best bets is to opt for a piece of furniture. These days a lot of retailers offer various furniture items like chest of drawers, side tables, etc. in beautiful designs as well as funky prints. So take your pick and get set to garner praises for great choice.


6. Wine rack


Now that the festivals are here, almost everyone throws at least one house party. And if you are looking for a gift for one such party’s hosts, what better than a wine rack can you think of? Among the pile of same old gift items given by others, yours will totally stand out. Isn’t that exactly what you wish to happen?

Now that you have a wonderful list of gift items for this festive season, just make a list of the lucky recipients and get these amazing things for them. And, a very Happy Festive season to you all!

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