10 Vastu Tips To Keep Away Negative Energy From Your Home

Your home is obviously the most important space for you. Needless to say, it is important that your house has a positive vibe attached to it. A lot of times, people tend to think that not a lot of things are working out in their life, and there comes a need to find some positivity in life. Vastu Shastra is one such tool which can be used to draw out all the negative energy from your home. Not only that, it is also believed to helpful in reducing financial, personal and health-related fears from one’s life.

Contrary to public belief, vastu is not too difficult to implement. In fact, it involves just some minor changes around your house. This may be shifting of a few things or probably changing the color scheme of specific items. And if this can help even the tiniest bit, then we suggest that one should not hesitate to do so. So, we have brought for you a few vastu tips to keep away all that negative energy away from your home.

1. Placement of your kitchen

Vastu Tips

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Vastu recommends that the kitchen should be built in the south-east corner of the house preferably. The second best option for the placement of your kitchen is the north-west corner. However, one needs to make sure that the gas stove faces the south-east direction for maintaining the positivity.

2. Do not hang a mirror at your main entrance

Vastu Tips

This is strictly prohibited and causes a major hindrance to the positivity from entering your home. A major reason behind this is that if you hang a mirror at the entrance, it reflects all the positive energy that is supposed to be coming in. And so, it is considered to be a bad omen.

3. Hang some chimes around the house

Vastu Tips

Wind chimes are excellent decoration pieces and can be hung anywhere around the house. The music of the chimes actually acts as a catalyst in breaking the negative energy and helps in promoting good vibes around your home.

4. Place some bowls of salt in the corners of your house.

Vastu Tips

As you all must have studied, salt is an excellent absorber. Well, in the same way, it helps in absorbing all the negative energy from the house. Sea salt specifically acts as a healer and it is advised to place it around all corners of your house.

5. Better circulation of air is necessary

Vastu Tips

Make it a habit to open the windows of your house every day at least for an hour. This will ensure that there is good air circulation in the house. It is said that opening the windows facilitate the entry of positive energy in the house. Also, the negative energy gets out of the house when you leave the windows open.

6. Placement of the bed

Vastu Tips

The position of your bed affects your relaxation levels. Vastu suggests that the placement of the bed should be in such a manner so that the head does not face towards the north. Ideally, the headboard should be in the east direction so that your feet are pointing in the opposite direction while sleeping.

7. Keep a lemon placed in water

Vastu Tips

Keeping a lemon in water for a while helps in relieving the negative energy around. Of course, the water needs to be changed every week and as per vastu, doing this religiously makes a lot of difference in your life.

8. Place a statue of Buddha at the main entrance

Vastu Tips

Buddha has the power to take out the entire negative aura from the house. Thus, vastu says that it should be kept facing towards the east for the best impact. Also, it is suggested that you do not keep it on the floor as it should be given lots of respect for good and positive vibes.

9. Place a flower vase in your hallway

Vastu Tips

This one not just removes the bad energy from your house but also gives it a pleasant and a welcoming look. The pretty blossomed flowers make your home look pretty and give out happy vibes.

10. To feel good, you need to smell good

Vastu Tips

Therefore, you should decorate your house with incense sticks, aromatic candles, aroma oils, etc., for a good fragmented smell the whole day. This can do wonders in nullifying the negative space around the house.

There are tons of other things that one can follow for a good peaceful life and if you believe in it, it can surely do wonders. And even if you don’t, there is obviously no harm in trying, right? So get all the things into your house and see the difference right away!

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