6 Hot Tea Recipes From Different Parts Of The World

Comes winter and all that we wish to do is get cosy into our quilt and sip the delicious hot tea in our favourite mug. And, what better than discovering and relishing a variety of hot teas on the days that are bone-chilling cold!

So for all you tea lovers out there, here we bring some of the most delicious and comforting hot tea recipes from different parts of world.

1. Tibetan spiced butter tea

This hot tea is actually Tibetan national beverage. It helps the people from this cold area remain hydrated and warm. Made up of some really interesting ingredients, this tea is sure to make your winters magical. Here’s a video tutorial of the Tibetan spiced butter tea:

2. Indian masala tea

Rich in spices, milk and everything else that goes into making it, your taste buds will become lifelong fan of masala chai once you will sip it. And, here’s how to make this easy yet delicious hot tea:

3. London fog tea

You will fall in love with not just the taste, but also the appearance of this tea. The best part about this tea is that all the ingredients used to make it are easily available in almost all parts of the world. Have a look at this video to find out how it is made:

4. Moroccan mint hot tea

This tea basically comes from the Greater Maghreb region (Northwest Africa), and hence is also known as Maghrebi tea. While the ingredients used in this hot tea are quite simple, its preparation is slightly time consuming. But, the taste of this delicious tea makes it totally worth it to put so much effort. So, have a look at this video tutorial to learn the preparation technique:

5. Chinese almond tea

No less than a dessert, it takes a little longer to prepare Chinese almond tea as compared to the ones from other parts of the world. Needless to say, all the time and effort that you will put in making this delicious tea will give you one of the best hot drinks this winter. Here’s how to make it:

6. Noon chai

Served on special occasions Kashmir and some parts of Pakistan, this pink-coloured tea is served with traditional Kashmiri breads such as sheermal, lavasa, bakarkhani, etc. And, this is how you make this delightful and flavourful hot tea:

So, which of these yummy hot tea recipes are you going to try this winter season? Do tell us in the comments below.

Videos Courtesy: Tastemade

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