Top 10 Myths About Cooking Pasta That You Need To Stop Believing Right Now

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Pasta is one dish which is everybody’s favorite all across the globe. If you’re a group of friends going out for a nice dinner scene, then this is something that almost all of you would wish to order. Not only outdoors, but if you are sitting and chilling at your friend’s place, and if you are hungry, this is one dish that comes in handy every time.

But there are a lot of myths which are attached to cooking it. So here we have come up with 10 of the top pasta myths that have been prevailing over all households, and the truth to these myths.

1. Rinsing off the pasta with cold water when cooked, prevents it from getting all mushy.

Pasta Cooking Myths

Yes, of course, this is one major myth for all the lovers of this savory dish, but it is actually not true. The only time it should be rinsed is if it has to be made in the form of a salad, and never otherwise. On the other hand, rinsing removes the starch from the pasta and in turn changes its texture. So we suggest this should be avoided.

2. Fresh pasta is the best

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

What happens here is that dry pasta has a much firmer and denser texture than that of the fresh one. And this, in turn, is much tastier, meatier when paired with sauces. The fresh ones can only be paired with the light delicate sauces. On the other hand, the dry ones have a good texture and a lot of recipes go better with this form.

3. Too much water is not needed

Pasta, Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta Recipe

This is indeed not true, and we’re sure everybody thinks the pasta would be creamier if there is lesser water. But this isn’t true especially if you need to cook a large amount of it. Because then for it to cook properly, there has to be ample amount of space for it to move easily. Also, ample amount of water helps in diluting the starch and keeping the texture alive.

4. Any type of pasta can be paired with any sauce

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

This is not the case since there is a reason behind the different shapes and sizes of the pasta. Delicate ones cannot be paired with heavy or meaty sauces as they will overpower the taste. Similarly, lighter sauces can only be paired with noodle-like pasta, spaghetti etc.

5. Add olive oil to prevent it from sticking

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

What actually happens is that people tend to think that adding olive oil is the Italian and the right way to make your perfect pasta. However, the truth is that it actually is a waste to add oil to the water. Instead, just mix it well while cooking and it would automatically prevent it from sticking.

6. Pasta is made from eggs

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

Just because there is a slight tinge of yellow, people tend to think that egg is used to make the pasta. This is not the case since mostly it is made either from flour. In very rare cases, eggs are also used, but then they only can be eaten with pretty meaty sauces.

7. You might be able to tell when it is done by throwing it at the wall

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipes

Even though this sounds like a fun thing to do, it doesn’t tell you much about if your favourite dish is cooked or not. The best way to actually tell if it is done or not is to taste it directly, simple isn’t it? The pasta should be firm in nature with just a slight chew when you bite into it.

8. The pasta should not be boiled with a lid

This does not really matter as there is no substantial change in the texture of the pasta with this. Moreover, if you cook it with the lid on, there are chances that it might get overcooked. The only truth is that it might be able to boil slightly faster with the lid on.

9. Breaking down the pasta could make it cook faster

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

The cooking speed depends more on the texture, thickness and the type of pasta it is. But in any case, it has nothing to do with the size. The only suggestion to make it cook faster would be that it needs to be submerged fully into the water.

10. It makes you fat

Pasta Cooking Myths, Pasta, Pasta Recipe

It is a good healthy dish, and the only way you could get fat by eating this is when you consume it in high quantity. On the flip side, the whole wheat pasta contains lots of good fibres and proteins. So, it is fairly recommended by dieticians.

So now that we’ve debunked all the myths about the dish you love, go and cook up a bowl of pasta for yourself instantly!

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