10 Vastu Tips For The Study Room To Create A Conducive Learning Atmosphere

Study room is one place of your house that needs to be peaceful. The whole purpose of a study room is to provide a conducive environment for one to focus well. It has to be a place where one shouldn’t have any kind of trouble or get distracted. The study room should be set in such a manner that helps in concentrating well, memorizing things fast and gives a boost to one’s creative skills. While no one else but we ourselves can help ourselves when it comes to studying well and attaining knowledge, the one thing that can help in creating a suitable environment for a study room is Vastu Shastra. By guiding one in planning the proper placement of every element in a study room, Vastu Shastra can help a lot in making it a comfortable and peaceful place.

So, here we bring to you some very useful Vastu tips for your study room.

1. South-west side of the home

study room vastu tips

According to the experts, the brain power, ambition, and curiosity increase by setting the study room in the south-west side of the house. Furthermore, it helps in boosting the creative ideas in the mind of the student. Scientists also believe that the rooms located on the west side give added benefits of making the room brighter in the evening because of the evening sun rays.

2. The ideal shape of the study room as per Vastu Shastra

study room vastu tips

The structure of the study room plays a vital role in boosting memory and increase concentration. Nowadays, people want to ensure that their children face no issues while studying. Hence, they do not hesitate in going an extra mile and building a separate room for them to study. If you too are planning to build a study room for your kid separate from his room where he sleeps, then experts would advise you to build it pyramid shaped. It is believed to have a positive effect on the student’s mental health hence helping them improve their memory. If that is not the case and you do not have a separate study room, then go for the common rectangular or square shape.

3. Presence of the Goddess Saraswati in the study room

study room vastu tips
It is recommended by the experts to have an idol or picture of Goddess Saraswati in a study room. She is known as the Goddess of knowledge and so for those seeking education, the blessings of the Goddess are considered mandatory.

4. Placing a pendulum clock

study room vastu tips

If you believe in Vastu, then you must be aware of the fact that the learning power can be enhanced by placing a pendulum clock on the north side of your room. Additionally, make sure that light and neutral colors are used for the interiors of the study room.

5. Placement of the bookshelves

study room vastu tips

The ideal placement of the bookshelves according to Vastu is believed to be on the east or the west walls of the study room. Also, make sure that the cabinets are never situated in the central part of the room as anything above the study table is believed to distract your mind.

6. Placement of the doors and the windows

study room vastu tips

The door to the study room should be located in the east, north or north-east direction as the study room is ideally situated in the west direction. When it comes to Windows, a large one should be located on the east side so that your child can study early in the morning. It will make the morning sunlight falls directly to the student, which has amazing health benefits. In addition, you can have a small one on the west side to help your child study during the evening time. If it isn’t possible to place windows on the east as well as west side, then have one in the Northside because the light constantly falls there throughout the day.

7. Ideal colors for the study room as per Vastu Shastra

study room vastu tips

As per the Vastu guidelines, the wall colors of the study room should be light and dark ones should be avoided. A light colored room will always remain bright and will look bigger, hence giving your child a cheery atmosphere to study in. Furthermore, it will enhance the focus of your child and allow them to study comfortably.

8. Avoid studying under the beams

study room vastu tips

The Vastu experts strongly recommend not to sit under a beam while studying as it is believed to increase the stress levels among the students.

9. Furniture placement as per Vastu Shastra

study room vastu tips

Your study table, according to the Vastu consultants, should be facing north, east or north-east. The reason behind this is that when a student starts studying in the morning, he/she is exposed to the sunlight entering the room from the north-east direction. As the day progresses, the sunlight enters the room from the east direction. The bright daylight energizes the student’s mind and is also beneficial to them from the health perspective. In addition, placing a cabinet or any other piece of furniture in the center should be totally avoided so as to ensure the free movement in the room.

10. Placement of the electrical gadgets

study room vastu tips

Vastu Shastra suggests you keep your computer and all other electrical gadgets in the ‘fire’ corner of your room, which is the southeast corner.

These Vastu tips for the study room can help your child in getting amazing results in their studies. However, they still have to work hard and study with full dedication for passing their exams. All the best!

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