7 Popular Door Materials That Are Perfect For Modern Homes

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There is a great role played by the material you select for the interiors of your door in defining their aesthetic appeal. After making a choice about the style, it is pretty important to select the best material for your doors. Do you feel puzzled to select the best type of door material for your home? If yes, then don’t worry as the majority of people have this confusion? So to help you out, we will tell you about the popular door materials that will add grace to your home:

1. Wood

wooden door

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Wood is one of the most common materials used in the households for doors. It provides a natural beauty as well as the perfect thermal performance. You can choose from a wide variety of woods for your door. In addition, you can easily customize a wooden door in terms of color, design, and addition of any other material like glass or metallic panels to enhance its appearance. One disadvantage of wooden doors is that they wear out over time when exposed to water and sunlight, and hence, demand extra care as compared to the other materials mentioned in this list.

2. Stainless Steel

stainless steel door

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When it comes to the front doors, stainless steel is one of the most popular choices because of its strength. Some stainless steel doors even come with foam stuffed inside them. This provides better insulating properties and even increases the strength of the door. However, the doors become very hard to repair if they get a dent and it becomes quite hard to get rid of the same. Due to this, sometimes people end up replacing the door altogether.

3. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC)

vinyl door

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uPVC is a popular framing material found mostly on the boundaries of glass doors. But, it can also be used to make a complete door. uPVC doors are light in weight yet so strong and durable. They work well in very high temperatures because of their excellent insulating properties. Vinyl doors are available in a vast range of colors and textures. Also, they are less expensive and demand very little maintenance.

4. Aluminium

aluminium door

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Due to the factors like cost-effectiveness, strength, and durability, aluminium has become a popular choice for interior doors. It can easily be painted to match with the rest of the interiors of a home. However, it is not a recommended material for an external door since it is quite light in weight. Also, it has poor insulating properties and its high heat absorbing property make it an unfavorable choice.

5. Fiberglass

fiberglass door

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There is much more strength offered by fiberglass when compared to aluminum, whereas its insulating characteristics are same as vinyl and wood. It is available in many different types of finishes in the market and can be easily repainted. Also, it does not get affected by excess exposure to water or sunlight. The only issue with fiberglass doors is that they are expensive. However, considering the fact that they do not wear out easily and are durable, it is worth investing in fiberglass doors.

6. Glass Doors

glass door

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Due to obvious reasons, glass doors are not commonly found in the households. For those who have a huge space (and a garden as well), the glass doors provide a beautiful outside view and also allow the natural light to enter inside. However, they do not offer any kind of privacy or security.

7. Hollow Core Doors

hollow core door

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A hollow core door should not be confused with hollow metallic doors that we discussed while explaining stainless steel doors above. The core of this kind of doors is filled with cardboard sheets or wooden fiber blend which is sealed by the outer layer of laminate, plywood or vinyl. These doors look absolutely like wooden or vinyl doors (depending upon the layering used outside) and are lighter in weight than them. They are as durable as the solid core doors but come at a much lesser price.

Clearly, there is a vast variety of door materials available in the market that you can choose from. So decide on the finish that you want and the amount that you are ready to spend on the doors, and you can easily find the right one for your house.

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