7 Simple Tips To Fireproof Your Home

Living in a safe home is everyone’s priority. While you cannot do much to protect your home against natural calamities, you certainly can safeguard your home from fire. Yes, you read that right! Do not take the dangers of fire for granted. You never know when a fire will start in your home. Just a spark and a bit of oxygen, and the fire would be there to cause harm to your home and to the people at home. So, here are a few measures that you can follow to make your home fireproof.

1. Go for fireproof furniture


Get your furniture coated with fireproof chemical. Additional advantage to it is that these chemicals will also make your furniture stain resistant.

2. Install smoke alarms


Getting smoke alarms installed provide warnings of fire. Do not forget to maintain them, so get your smoke alarms checked every 4 months.

3. Use fire resistant rugs and carpets


Make sure you purchase fire resistant carpeting for your home. They are available in attractive colours and also add to the décor of your home. If you have rugs at your home, get them treated with fireproof chemical as well. Also, avoid carpets made of materials like wool and synthetic fabrics, as  they catch the fire easily.

4. Keep fire extinguishers at home


Install multipurpose fire extinguisher at each floor. Everyone at home should know where they are kept and how to use them. Check them regularly, at least once in 6 months.

5. Be careful with the wiring at home


Faulty wiring majorly contributes to the fire accidents. So, make sure you get the wiring of your home done by an expert electrician only. Also, keep checking the wiring regularly to ensure no damage is done to them or there is no loose connection.

6. Do not let the junk pile up


Usually, people tend to stock junk like old books and newspapers, clothes, toys, boxes, etc., in the store room or any other less-used corner of their house. Well, all these things can catch fire very easily with just one spark. So, to safeguard your home from fire, keep a check on the old unused stuff being piled up in your home on a regular basis, and get rid of the same. Apart from making your home fireproof, this habit will also provide you with more space in your home.

7. Be careful while decorating home with candles


Undoubtedly, candles make a room look very beautiful. And if you love decorating your home with them, just be careful of a few things. Firstly, never leave your house with the candles burning. Always blow them off before leaving your house. Secondly, keep them at a place where there is enough open space on the top of the flame. Lastly, make sure they are placed at an area where there is no flammable material around.

Fireproofing does minimise risk to life and loss occurring to a homeowner. Apart from following these instructions, you can also get in touch with an expert to help you fireproof your home. Stay Safe!

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