Smart Garden Market Growth in India by Yash Vyas, Founder of Agro2o

The smart indoor gardening system, enables users to grow their own plants and herbs with high nutrition value and without any use of pesticides in a home condition. This innovative technology is transforming how the plants are grown and makes a complicated process of growing, productive and fun for users who are constrained by busy schedules, short growing seasons or access to land in urban settings. Smart gardening system usually consists of a growth medium, which helps to ensure that the plants in an indoor garden will get the optimal amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients.

Companies such as Agro2o are going step further offering soil-free IoT Smart Garden, integrated with innovative technologies such as intelligent growth algorithms, IoT-based smart watering, intelligent nutrient dosing, sensing system, Smartphone based accessibility, grow lighting system to facilitate photosynthesis and vacation mode (for worry free travel), providing the end-user the access to fresh herbs and vegetables with more antioxidants and high nutritional value in a very easy to use and cost effective way to the end-users which includes both residential and commercial spaces.

There is an increase in the trend of indoor gardening among people overseas as well as in India aided with rapid urbanization and increase in disposable income is driving the market need and growth. Further, with the current pandemic situation there is a growing interest in natural products and sustainability, there has been increased investment into gardening supplies.

The offer of predictability and accessibility to grow your own plants without worrying about availability of open space, sunlight, rigorous intervention and know-how about different types of plants, offers a unique opportunity for all the urban dwellers to pursue their interest without compromising on their lifestyle. With the aid of technology, a user can easily start a farm on the kitchen counter or table top. Smart Gardening is at intersection of important trends that are reshaping consumer behavior, including increased interest in healthy food, sustainability, and personalization.

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