15 Gorgeous Ottomans And Pouffes To Make That Will Make Your Living Room Even More Stylish

It’s time for you to meet your home’s two new best friends, ottoman and pouffe. These two are cushioned pieces of furniture were once the favorites of the royalty of France. Ottomans are bigger than pouffes and can be used as an extension of your sofa, a mini coffee table or a storage unit. As pouffes are smaller, they are often used as a footstool or as cushioned seats. The ottomans and the pouffes that are available in the market today are far from boring. Their varieties range from quirky to sophisticated, simple to stylish and everything in-between. You will see how quickly these little things quietly add a boutique-like grace to your place. Get ready to be mesmerized by some of the best ottomans and pouffes that we have found for you:

1. Nothing defines elegance as beautifully as velvet

velvet ottoman
Image Credit: Kansas Michalke

2. Get rid of your boring foot rest and get this stylish pouffe instead

Purple Ottoman
Image Credit: Ozlem Celik

3. Can we make our own ottoman by recycling a tire? Absolutely!

colored tyre ottoman
Image Credit: Cyrus 45
Tyre Photography
Image Credit: HDW Photography

4. A wine barrel ottoman loaded with style that offers a comfortable seat and big storage!

wine barrel ottoman
Image Credit: O’Floinn Decor

5. Colorful mini pouffes against light hues is always a good idea

pastel pouffe
Image Credit: La Mescla Design

6. This Moroccan-style pouffe will be the best companion for your coffee table

7. A combination of pouffes and ottomans is more than enough for creating a cozy space

ottoman pouffe
Image Credit: Sbandiu Design

8. Give your living room a royal touch with quilted ottomans

quilted ottoman
Image Credit: Home Republic

9. Bring some prints and patterns into your living room with these playful pouffe stools

Printed pouffe stools
Image Credit: India Circus

10. A soft and comfy pouffe for you to jump on

Jute Pouffe
Image Credit: Thayer Design Studio

11. Turn your ottoman into a storage box and enjoy the best of both worlds

storage ottoman
Image Credit: Julie Talbert

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